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A favourite scam by criminals is to infect your computer with a fake antivirus program that starts as soon as you turn on your computer, pretends to run a scan, and then tells you that you have lots of infections which they can fix for a fee. Another will fill your screen with a warning purporting to come from the Police saying that you have to pay a fine because your computer has been used for illegal activities. It is most likely that you won’t be able to use your computer because the infection will normally disable everything else. These screens are designed to worry you, but please don’t be worried. Everything they say is complete fabrication.


If you have this sort of problem, or indeed think you have a virus for some other reason – maybe your real antivirus program is reporting infections but doesn’t seem able to clean them – then I can help. I can normally get your computer back to its usual working state without any loss of data.



I work locally and will come to you so you don’t have to dismantle your computer, and will have you up and running again as quickly as possible. Depending on how long it takes, the cost will be between £35 and £80.



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