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Whatever problem you are having with your computer/laptop I can help. No matter how trivial or complicated you think it may be, give me a call to discuss the problem.

















There are many reasons why a computer won’t start up, from failed hardware to faulty software or virus infections.


I can diagnose the problem for you and get you up and running as quickly as possible.


I carry spare parts if needed.


Phone me first for some advice, since some problems can be easily sorted over the phone. If it can’t be done over the phone then I am based locally and will come out to you as soon as I can.



Blank computer screen with no output
Computer starts up then stops


This could be due to a variety of problems. It is not usually due to having too much stored on the computer, so deleting things won’t help. It’s also not simply because the computer may be old, although older computers may suffer from a lack of RAM (Memory) unless they have been upgraded, and that can cause it to run slow, but extra RAM can be added. Much cheaper than buying a new computer.